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                                                  Brazing Supplies

                                                  Brazing materials are generally supplied in the following forms:

                                                  ? Wire
                                                  ? Rods
                                                  ? Paste
                                                  ? Brazing rings and preforms

                                                  Occasionally, Fusion still faces wire brazing as a competitive brazing material. While brazing alloy in wire form may indeed provide a measured amount of brazing material, it is not always easy to adjust for a little more or a little less alloy, when required. Because of its dense form, variations in wire diameter or length will have a great effect on the weight of the brazing material deposited.

                                                  Preformed Brazing rings have become a staple in brazing supplies for many original equipment manufacturers, helping them improve consistency, quality, and productivity. These brazing materials are supplied in silver, phos copper, copper, and aluminum compositions.

                                                  Brazing supplies such as brazing and soldering paste alloys, dispensing equipment and automatic brazing machines are Fusion’s main offerings. Contact us today to discuss your brazing application.

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